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Atlanta ScaffoldingAnyone walking down Beatrice Road in Remuera can clearly see scaffolding surrounding St. Michael's Church, a historic landmark in New Zealand. St. Michael's has recently been undergoing massive renovation to restore the beautiful structure back to its original brilliance. Mainly, the renovation's purpose is to strengthen the church, ensuring it stands for many more decades for residents and visitors alike to admire. However, hundreds of thousands of dollars are still needed to complete the strengthening and reconstruction efforts on St. Michael's Church.

Initially, the proposed renovation of St. Michael's Church in New Zealand was estimated to cost nearly $700,000. Though, once the scaffolding was erected and construction efforts were underway, it was discovered that the renovation was needs were much more than originally expected. St. Michael's is in desperate need of seismic strengthening to bring it to current earthquake standards, and the roof of the church is in urgent need of repair.

The importance of the restoration project for St. Michael's Church is immeasurable. Not only is the church a New Zealand landmark, but it is also a Category 1 building in the New Zealand Historic Places Trust Register. The church was also awarded the gold medal from the New Zealand Institute of Architects for design in 1934. After opening in 1933 and standing strong for 75 years, the time has come to strengthen and preserve the historic landmark of New Zealand.

To complete the restoration project on St. Michael's, an additional $200,000 is required. This brings the total renovation effort to nearly $900,000. The church is hoping for private donations and successful fundraising endeavors in order to acquire the remaining funds needed to restore the church. In a plea to raise money for St. Michael's restoration, the church website says their aim is for the "preservation, conservation and enhancement" of St. Michael's.

The scaffolding went up around St. Michael's in October 2008, and the project is expected to be finished in June 2009 - if the necessary $200,000 is raised. Scaffolding is still erected around St. Michael's, seemingly waiting for the additional funds needed to complete the renovation. As the church awaits sizeable donations, scaffolding, work crews and cranes will surround St. Michael's Church in Remuera, New Zealand. The church is optimistic that the fundraising and donation efforts will be fruitful, and St. Michael's Church will be restored to its full splendor.