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Atlanta ScaffoldingScaffolding was erected and clean up began within one week of the devastating tornado that struck downtown Atlanta in March 2008. This quick response with reconstruction efforts was necessary, considering many of the city’s most prominent skyscrapers and corporate buildings suffered massive damage due to the violent tornado. The tornado was just one of 45 that ripped through the nation, spanning eastern Alabama all the way to the Carolina coast, demolishing anything with the tornadoes’ paths.

Construction workers went to work immediately, erecting scaffolding and implementing cleanup crews throughout the city. The Atlanta tornado caused the majority of ruin to the historic Cabbagetown neighborhood, annihilating many of the areas buildings and flattening residences. Many renowned buildings felt the effects of the tornado, including the Georgia Dome, where the roof was considerably damaged. The CNN Center also suffered roof damage and many broken windows.

Feeling the true brutality of the tornado were the Westin Peachtree Plaza Hotel, the Georgia-Pacific Center, the Equitable Building and the Sun Trust Plaza. The repairs for the Westin alone were estimated to be $30 million. In all, the damages totaled $150 million for Atlanta. The cost of damages went far beyond the thousands of broken windows, and included flood damage, roof repair, wall reconstruction and massive power outages. Aside from the damage incurred by buildings, there were a reported 27 injuries and 3 deaths resulting from the tornadoes that ripped through Atlanta.

Reconstruction projects vary depending on the type of damage and where it occurred. For the thousands of immense windows that were shattered, swing scaffolding was used to reinstall these windows. Considering some of the damage was as high as 20 floors up, scaffolds and skilled workers were required to reinstall and repair these windows. Considering the repairs exceeded reinstalling windows, these reconstruction efforts were estimated to take anywhere from a couple of months to a year to complete.

The quick response time of Atlanta construction crews, erecting scaffolding, cleaning debris and relocating offices and families is exactly what the city needed in the wake of such an atrocious tornado. Atlanta will rebound to its full glory following these devastating storms that left many families homeless and cost the city millions and millions of dollars. Atlanta was just one of the areas affected by the ruinous outbreak of tornadoes throughout the Southeastern area of the U.S. However, the rest of the nation can share in the demoralization of Atlanta following these storms, as no one is clear from the wrath of Mother Nature.