United Arab Emirates Scaffolding

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Atlanta ScaffoldingYou can expect to see scaffolding erected around structures all over the seven states of the United Arab Emirates, namely, in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. These scaffolds can be directly attributed the major construction boom currently underway in the UAE. From constructing new hotels and tourist attractions to commercial offices and airports, the UAE is rapidly moving towards the forefront of new development as Dubai and other emirates are becoming affluent hot spots for tourism and points of interest.

The United Arab Emirates are a federation of seven states in the SE Arabian Peninsula. These emirates' economies are thriving, in part due to the large role oil and gas play in the high GDP per capita. With one of the fastest growing economies in the world, new development in the UAE is abundant. In fact, the EAU has more than $350 billion in active construction projects. Likewise, the export of building supplies and materials like scaffolding, pipes and metals have exponentially increased as well.

In 2006, exporters such as Italy saw an increase of exported building materials to the UAE of more than 50%. Specifically, the export of pipes increased 128% and the export of metals jumped a phenomenal 245%. These substantial increases in the export of building materials to the UAE clearly denote a huge surge of development within the construction industry. For commercial office space alone, Dubai is estimated to have approximately 24 million square feet under development.

Dubai is one of the emirates in which scaffolds will be prevalent around much of the breathtaking area. One of the construction projects includes work on the Burj Dubai, the world's tallest building. The world's largest mall, Dubai Mall, is also currently being constructed. Dubailand, rival to America's Disneyland, will be more than twice the size of Disneyland when completed. Three Palm Islands are currently under development, which will result in the largest artificial islands in the world. Dubai Sports City, home to local sports teams and potential Olympics bids, will be an expansive facility. The most extensive project, Dubai World Central National Airport, will be the most expensive airport ever built when completed.

With all these impending construction projects, Dubai and other states in the United Arab Emirates will be must-see destinations. However, be prepared to see much of these areas under construction with scaffolding surrounding the soon-to-be beautiful structures. With the time and money being invested into these projects, though, it is expected that once the scaffolds come down, the resulting edifices will be awe-inspiring.