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Dallas ScaffoldingQuality scaffolds are in continuous demand in the Dallas, TX area, as the city is under constant construction of new buildings and structures. Though scaffolding may not appear to be a major consideration for Dallas, it plays an ever-important role in the city. Scaffolds, at their simplest definition, may just be structures used to elevate and support workers and materials during building construction. However, scaffolds are complex structures that must be sturdy, sound and secure – especially when considering their prevalence in Dallas and the related injuries and fatalities associated with faulty and failing scaffolding in the U.S.

Scaffolding companies have much success in Dallas due to the construction industry’s business throughout the city. Whether a tornado swept through and damaged buildings are being rebuilt or bridges are being constructed for the Trinity River Project, scaffolds are erected throughout Dallas on various job sites. In fact, Dallas is renowned as a bustling commercial hub, with new corporate buildings, shopping malls and the like being constructed year-round. With the prevalence of job sites and scaffolds, a focus on scaffolding inspection and safety is warranted.

There are currently no Dallas scaffold laws in place that mandate the inspection of these structures and require proper safety equipment and training for workers. Therefore, it lies solely on the contractors and building owners to invest in these safety measures to ensure scaffolding accidents, and the injuries and fatalities associated with them, are avoided. These measures include purchasing quality scaffolds; providing appropriate safety equipment such as harnesses, ladders, etc; and investing in training for workers on how to construct, dismantle and work from scaffolds.

OSHA does require scaffolding safety in Dallas and throughout the nation; however, these inspections typically only occur after an accident has occurred. Although U.S. states, except for New York, do not mandate scaffold inspections or put absolute liability on contractors for related injuries and fatalities, it is an important consideration in preventing these occurrences. Many contractors and property owners deem these laws unfair, saying the heightened costs prevent development and construction. However, these preemptive safety measures for scaffolds can help prevent injury and save lives, which is well worth the additional upfront costs.

Dallas scaffolding structures, and those used all over the nation, must be regularly inspected for safety and soundness. Likewise, proper safety equipment and training must be provided to workers so that they can work from the scaffolds securely. Since scaffolding will be used for endless construction endeavors in Dallas, the need for preemptive safety measures is crucial to the prevention of related injuries and fatalities. Let’s have scaffolding related accidents go down as the structures in Dallas continue to go up.