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Atlanta ScaffoldingScaffolding, construction vehicles, work crews and the like will be abundant in the streets of South Africa as the country awaits the impending arrival of the FIFA World Cup 2010 Football Tournament. As South Africa prepares to host the major football tournament, massive construction endeavors are underway to ensure the country is fully-prepared to host a successful, incident-free tournament. This requires the rebuilding and renovation of buildings, roads, stadiums, residences and similar structures in areas spanning the country.

This new development can be seen all over South Africa, as scaffolding encases commercial buildings, residences and stadiums for major renovations. The goal is to make these buildings more attractive to the media and visitors during the FIFA World Cup 2010, to truly represent the greatness that is South Africa. Due to the numerous restoration projects, the South Africa construction industry has seen an incredible expansion with the need for building supplies and materials growing exponentially. Namely, the need for quality scaffolding has seen a massive upsurge in recent months as South Africa prepares to host the famous tournament.

Why the major need for scaffolding? Scaffolds are used in most construction projects, even those that may not be expected to need these elevated structures. In fact, scaffolding is critical to most construction projects, from expanding and rebuilding bridges and roads to restoring and repairing the roofs and facades on hotels and commercial structures. Scaffolds are quick, economic and safe structures from which to work when performing a wide range of construction tasks. Scaffolding is prevalent in all South Africa's host cities as they prepare for the major influx of visitors and media.

The major construction boom can be seen in the expansion and rebuilding of main airports in South Africa. Namely, the airports in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town are undergoing massive reconstruction. In fact, more than R1.6 billion has been invested in the renovation of these airports.

In addition to rebuilding airports, South Africa is also expanding and renovating existing stadiums in many different host cities. The goal is to upgrade these stadiums to be more attractive and suitable for handling larger crowds, overall creating better facilities. Besides renovating existing stadiums, five new stadiums are also being constructed in South Africa, which include Green Point Stadium, Peter Mokaba Sports Complex, Moses Mobhida Stadium, Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium and Mbombela Stadium. These new stadiums will be enhanced facilities that are well-equipped to handle many more people.

As restorations and new development continues in host cities spanning South Africa, expect to see scaffolding and other construction efforts proliferate the streets. Though the scaffolds may be erected for the next year or so, once they come down, a refreshed and renewed South Africa will be unveiled - just in time for the country to play host to the FIFA World Cup 2010 Football Tournament.