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Atlanta ScaffoldingThe Scaffold Industry Association of Canada (SIAC) is an organization working to better the standards set forth by the scaffolding and access industry. Namely, the SIAC wants to ensure that best practices are maintained throughout the scaffolding industry, specifically regarding safety, training and engineering. The Scaffold Industry Association of Canada strives to promote higher standards of safety within the industry. Founded in 1981, this organization is blazing the trail for improved jobsite conditions and emphasized safety initiatives for workers.

SIAC is a non-profit organization with members ranging from scaffolding manufacturers, suppliers and erectors to consulting engineers to the scaffolding industry. This member-driven organization has six different committees to concentrate on various aspects of the scaffolding and access industry. One of these committees includes the SIAC Fall Protection Committee. The Fall Protection Committee faces one of the most significant challenges in the scaffolding industry: preventing injuries incurred due to falling scaffolds.

The Scaffold Industry Association of Canada Fall Protection Committee is focused on preventing falls associated with faulty scaffolding and lack of proper training. According to the SIAC, more than 70% of all scaffold related deaths are caused by falls from the scaffold platform or access. The main priority of the SIAC Fall Protection Committee is to work with regulatory agencies and safety equipment manufacturers to create and convey best practices to prevent scaffold falls.

Depending on the type of scaffold, different protection measures must be taken to prevent falls. System scaffolds are modular systems using special connections for the transoms, ledgers and braces. Frame scaffolding is the most common system where welded metal frames are connected by cross braces and are available in a wide variety of sizes. Both of these types of systems are elevated above the ground so workers and materials can work on facades and rooftops of buildings.  

Regardless of the type of scaffolding, the SIAC is committed to improving all facets of safety for people within the industry. By instilling and promoting best practices, scaffolding accidents can be decreased significantly and proper training and safety equipment can become more prevalent. Canada has taken initiative by creating an organization who is purely dedicated to demanding safety within the scaffolding industry. Other countries should take notice and follow suit.