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Atlanta ScaffoldingThe United Kingdom's National Access and Scaffolding Confederation recently released the guidance note "TG20:08 - A Guide to Good Practice for Scaffolding with Tubes and Fittings." This published guidance is based on a major investment of time and money by the NASC and outlines the proper procedures for erecting scaffolding in accordance with the European standard BS EN 12811-1. Designers, contractors and the like can utilize this guide for an easy-to-use, pragmatic manual that defines the proper scaffolding processes.

The NASC is a national trade body in the UK that enacts a stringent policy of full adherence to all regulations set forth by the scaffolding industry and its own unique protocol. The NASC strives to comply with the industry's best practices, and the organization is committed to training, technical and quality standards, health and safety, marketing and insurance for access and scaffolding. In addition to publishing TG20:08, the NASC also releases a comprehensive annual safety report regarding scaffolding accidents, injuries and fatalities.

TG20:08 sets forth a new scaffolding standard which is expected to be adopted by the industry within the next two years. After two years have passed, the UK's Health & Safety Executive will begin mandating compliance with the NASC's guide. The two-year grace period is allotted for the education of industry professionals, so they have time to examine, comprehend and adopt the new scaffolding procedures set forth in the guide.

Two volumes of the guidance have been published; one version is intended for scaffolding contractors, while the other version is geared towards scaffolding designers. Both guidances contain the protocol for designing scaffolding, as well as arrangements and alternatives for more flexible, versatile scaffolding. The guidance is broad in scope to allow for more standard scaffold arrangements while remaining focused on safety.

The National Access and Scaffolding Confederation strengthens scaffolding safety and best practices compliance in the UK. The guidance "TG20:08 - A Guide to Good Practice for Scaffolding with Tubes and Fittings" is just one of the ways in which the NASC works to improve industry standards for access and scaffolding. This important guidance is a critical publication for scaffolding contractors and designers, as well as the entire industry, as the guidance is the result of thorough research and analysis.