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Houston ScaffoldingScaffolding is an ever-important commodity in Houston, TX, where the threat of a hurricane seems to be perpetually imminent. Even when hurricane season is over, the rebuilding of structures is a time-consuming and costly process. High-quality scaffolds can expedite this process, providing heavy-duty support that can handle the workload and perform in even the most demanding construction applications. In cities like Houston who often have to restore or completely reconstruct buildings due to the wrath of Mother Nature, the scaffolding industry flourishes.

Scaffolding acts as a temporary framework when repairing buildings and allows people and materials to reach the top of even the tallest structures. Scaffolds can be built from many different materials but are commonly comprised of steel or aluminum tubes, boards and couplers. Scaffolds are affixed to the structure being repaired and have various safety features. Scaffolding systems are economic, secure, versatile and can handle even the most demanding reconstruction applications.

Scaffolds were widely used in the restructuring of the Houston/Galveston area following Hurricane Ike in September 2008. In fact, $30 billion of damage needed to be repaired after Ike destroyed much of the Texas cities. Though Ike was the most destructive of the Texas hurricanes, Houston also felt the effects of Tropical Storm Edouard in August 2008. Hurricane Dolly in July 2008 also caused $1.2 billion of damage across Texas. Overall, the brutal impact of three tropical storms within such a short period of time left many buildings and structures in need of repair and reconstruction.

Though it seems like such a minor part of reconstruction projects, scaffolding is in fact one of the most important. Houston buildings were damaged for numerous reasons during a tropical storm, whether from water damage due to floods and rain, debris damage caused by objects propelling into structures or wind damage due to the high velocity of storm winds taking off roofs and leveling buildings. In order to repair the roofs, sides, and in some cases, entire buildings, scaffolds are required to lift and support people and materials during the reconstruction process.

Within Galveston and Houston, many structures had to be repaired or completely rebuilt. Libraries, office buildings, schools, residences and many more structures required massive reconstruction. All of these rebuilding projects were made possible by one simple, yet highly necessary construction material – scaffolding. For Houston, Galveston and the cities all over the world, scaffolds have acted as the systems helping rebuild cities from ruins after devastating tropical storms and natural disasters.